Amtrak train from Baltimore to Providence. Tickets from $201 (2023)


The cheapest trainsfrom Baltimore to Providence

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The best way to find a cheap fare is to book your ticket as early as possible and avoid rush hour travel.

The average ticket from Baltimore to Providence costs around $255 if you buy it on the day, but the cheapest tickets can be found for as little as $201.

9:06 Uhr 6 Std. 38 Min. 15:44 Penn Station - 1500 n Charles Street Providence Station - 100 Gaspee stAmtrakstar_whitestar_whitestar_whitestar_halfstar_border(1643)9:58 am 6 hr 34 min 4:32 pm Penn Station - 1500 n Charles Street Providence Station - 100 Gaspee stAmtrakstar_whitestar_whitestar_whitestar_halfstar_border(1643)11:04 Uhr 6h 38m5:42 Uhr Penn Station - 1500 n Charles Street Providence Station - 100 Gaspee stAmtrakstar_whitestar_whitestar_whitestar_halfstar_border(1643)

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Amtrak train from Baltimore to Providence. Tickets from $201 (4)

Summary of the trip

Baltimore to Providence train information

time lapseavg turn duration6h32m
Attach_moneyticket price$201
Orttrain departsBaltimore
drop a pintrain arrivesprovidence
Directions_Transittrain companyAmtrak

The fastest trainsfrom Baltimore to Providence

Shows times and prices for 2023-03-18

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These direct trains cover the 522 km route in an average of 6 hr 32 min, but if timed right, some trains will get you there in just 5 hr 33 min

13:34 Uhr 5 Std. 33 Min. 7:07 Uhr Penn Station - 1500 n Charles Street Providence Station - 100 Gaspee st Amtrakstar_whitestar_whitestar_whitestar_halfstar_border(1643)11:34 am 5 hr 38 min 5:12 pm Penn Station - 1500 n Charles Street Providence Station - 100 Gaspee stAmtrakstar_whitestar_whitestar_whitestar_halfstar_border(1643)8:34 AM5h 44m2:18 PMpenn station - 1500 n charles stprovidence station - 100 gaspee stAmtrakstar_whitestar_whitestar_whitestar_halfstar_border(1643)

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travel tips

Train from Baltimore to Providence

Just take the train to Providence. Whether you're looking for fast, cheap or something completely different, our travel experts have put together everything you need to know to help you find the best option from Baltimore to Providence.

  • How much are tickets to Providence?

  • Amtrak tickets to Providence range from $201 to $352.00 per seat.

    This $201 train departs at 9:06 AM from Baltimore Station at Amtrak - MARC Station (BWI), Penn Station - 1500 N Charles St.

    On the contrary, the train departing at 08:21 has the most expensive ticket to Providence at around USD 352.00.

    Fares are generally higher during holidays and high season.

  • How far is Providence from Baltimore?

  • The average length of the train journey from Baltimore to Providence is about 6h 32m.

    If you take the fastest Amtrak train from Baltimore, you'll likely arrive in Providence in about 5 hours 33 minutes.

    Amtrak does not typically guarantee connections of less than 60 minutes.

    Typically 90 minutes between incoming long-distance trains and local trains in the Northeast Corridor.

  • Can I take my pet on the train?

  • Secure! But there are some rules that you must follow and observe in order for your beloved pet to come with you.

    - Dogs and cats up to 20 pounds

    - You must make a prior reservation. There is a maximum of five pets per train and they are limited to one pet per customer.

    - The journey is limited to 7 (seven) hours total driving time. Multi-journey tickets are not permitted.

    - The transport box you bring can be hard or soft, but must be leak-proof and well-ventilated for comfort and safety. Maximum weight: 20 pounds. Maximum size: 19" long x 14" wide x 10.5" high.

    - Also, the carrier must be big enough for the pet to sit, lie down and stay in it completely without touching the sides.

    - Is allowed in Coach class, but not in First Class, non-Acela Business Class, sleeper cabins or dining cars.

    - It is mandatory to sign a Pet Release and Compensation Agreement for each travel segment.

    - It must be at least eight weeks old, odourless, harmless, non-nuisance and not requiring attention during the trip.

    - It is not allowed to be sent or carried as checked baggage.
  • Can I buy an Amtrak ticket on the train?

  • There are two ways to buy tickets while driving: cash or credit card.

    All tickets purchased on board include a service charge built into the fare and payment must be made in cash. Those who chose to purchase by credit card must call the Contact Center at 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) to complete payment.

    However, note that this is used in limited situations. For example, if you prepay your tickets and your departure station is closed at the time of departure and there is no other delivery option.

  • How do I get an Amtrak ticket refund?

  • Note that Amtrak has different policies regarding fare types and changes. Visit the Amtrak page for more information.

  • Where are the Baltimore and Providence train stations located?

  • For this trip to Providence, you can board at Amtrak - MARC Station (BWI), Penn Station - 1500 N Charles St.

    Also, hop off at Providence Station - 100 Gaspee St.

    Most Amtrak stations in major cities and many other stations across the country are accessible to passengers with disabilities.

    Call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on the accessibility of the stations on your itinerary.

  • What time does the first and last train leave Baltimore on 03/18/2023?

  • The first train time to Providence is at 06:48.

    The last departure time from Baltimore is at 10:51 PM.

  • How easy is it to get from Baltimore to Providence by train?

  • On average you find 22 schedules from Amtrak Baltimore to Providence.

    There are typically 154 train departures per week on this route.

    Amtrak operates a large fleet to Providence.

    There are an average of 22 departures per day and 660 trips per month.

  • How can I get cheap Amtrak train tickets from Baltimore to Providence?

  • Amtrak offers a total of 22 train schedules to Providence.

    Compare all available fares that vary according to comfort, ticket offers and availability.

    Take your time and check the 1643 Amtrak customer ratings for train services.

    User reviews are always the best way to describe the real train travel experience. The company rating refers to quality, punctuality, cleanliness and the behavior of the staff. Ratings and reviews are relevant information when searching and comparing ticket prices for this destination.

    Keep in mind that all train departure times from Baltimore have different ticket prices depending on the fare options.

    What is shown in the list is the cheapest fare type still available if Saver, Value, Flexible or Premium.

    Tickets for this trip are available from $201 and this is the lower fare you can get on 03/18/2023.

    Book your train tickets 14 days in advance with Saver Fares for a 20% discount.

    This can be true when looking for cheap Providence tickets. This is the best way to get travel discounts on many routes across the country.

  • TrainBuster displays travel information

  • TrainBuster has all the information to help you find the best and cheapest train ticket. Discover all the tools available and 1643 user reviews to best choose your means of transport. TrainBuster does not sell tickets on the official Amtrak website. Reserve your seat on the train to Providence in advance and have a nice trip.
  • Can I take a bus from Baltimore to Providence instead of taking the train?

  • Click here to check bus pricesfor this trip. Taking the bus can sometimes be the cheapest way to travel between Baltimore and Providence.

  • Which is the best way for train booking?

  • There are many different secure ways to purchase tickets. The more convenient, safer and faster way is to get your eTicket online at the Amtrak website. Alternatively, you can book at a Quik-Trak kiosk or directly at the counter. Amtrak Phone: +1 215-856-7924 ​​Learn more about searching and buy cheap train tickets in North America.

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