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Anywhere in the Hotel Zoneit is an excellent base for first-time visitors to Cancun. This 14-mile stretch of beach offers a little something for any type of traveler. The south is the quieter stretch, with less crowded beaches and close to the Mayan ruins of El Rey.


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  • 1 Is the Cancún Hotel Zone safe?
  • 2 Can you walk through the Hotel Zone in Cancún?
  • 3 Is Cancun Safe in 2021?
  • 4 Which Hotel Zone is the best in Cancún?
  • 5 What should I avoid in Cancún?
  • 6 Which side of Cancún is better?
  • 7 What does Hotel Zone mean in Cancún?
  • 8 Is it safe to visit Cancun now?
  • 9 Is Cancún on the red list?
  • 10 Is it safe to stay in an Airbnb in Cancún?
  • 11 Where not to stay in Cancún?
  • 12 Where do celebrities stay in Cancun?
  • 13 How many days are enough for Cancún?
  • 14 What is the best month to visit Cancun?
  • 15 Can you leave the resort in Cancun?
  • 16 Which month is the cheapest to go to Cancun?
  • 17 Is it better to stay in Cancun or Isla Mujeres?
  • 18 Is all-inclusive really worth it?
  • 19 Is Tulum better than Cancun?
  • 20 How much does it cost from Cancún airport to the Hotel Zone?

Is the Cancun Hotel Zone safe?

Regarding the safety of tourists in the city of Cancun,the Cancun Hotel Zone is one of the safest places to stay.The most common crimes in the Hotel Zone are like any other tourist trap. Street crimes such as theft, theft and credit card fraud are frequent.

Can you walk in the Hotel Zone in Cancún?

The large resorts of the Hotel Zone dominate Cancun's famous Caribbean beach. All beaches in Mexico are public property, soyou can use any hotel's beach by walking through the lobby or directly on the sand.

Is Cancun safe in 2021?

However, Cancun is far from what we would considera totally safe city. There has been an increase in violence across the Yucatan Peninsula as cartels make a bigger push into tourist towns. In general though, security in Cancun is generally considered better than in other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Which Hotel Zone is the best in Cancun?

Best areas in Cancun to…

  • Best neighborhoods in Cancún for beginners: north, central and south hotel zone.
  • Best neighborhoods in Cancún to walk around: Middle Hotel Zone, El Centro.
  • Best neighborhoods in Cancún for parties and nightlife: Middle Hotel Zone, El Centro.

What should I avoid in Cancun?

10 things you definitely shouldn't do in Cancun

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  • Don't JUST stay in the Hotel Zone.
  • Don't lose your Resort wristband.
  • Don't just stay in Cancún.
  • Do not eat at Señor Frog's.
  • Don't go on spring break.
  • Do not visit in summer.
  • Do not rent a car.
  • Don't skip the street food.

Which side of Cancun is better?

If you want beautiful beaches within walking distance of where you're staying, we suggest you stay in a hotel on the lower part of Cancun' 7′ - the one that runs from north to south. If you prefer calmer waters on your beach, book a hotel on the side thatruns from east to west- that's the top side of the number '7.'

What does Hotel Zone mean in Cancun?

For most people, a trip to Cancun's Hotel Zone meansstay in a hotel and leave after your vacation is over.In Cancun alone there are around 25,000 hotel rooms, most of which are in the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone is a 22 km (13 1/2 mile) stretch of white sand beaches lapped by clear blue Caribbean waters.

Is Cancun safe to visit right now?

The state of Quintana Roo, where Tulum, Cancun and Puerto Morelos are located, hasan “Exercise Greater Caution” notice because of the crime. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently has a nationwide “Tier 3: Reconsider Travel” health advisory for Mexico due to coronavirus concerns.

Is Cancun on the red list?

Is Mexico on the red list?No, it was removed from the red list inMonday 11th October, meaning hotel quarantine is no longer required for those returning to the UK.

Is it safe to stay in an Airbnb in Cancun?

Yes. With a few precautions and some research,a Cancun Airbnb can be safe for any traveler. By checking the neighborhood, reviews, and amenities, travelers can be confident that their Airbnb rental is as reliable as a hotel or resort.

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Where not to stay in Cancun?

Areas to avoid in Cancun
Downtown Cancun – While mostly safe during the day, be sure to stay in the more touristy parts likeTulum Avenue and Las Palapas. Don't venture outside the tourist areas, especially at night.

Where do celebrities hang out in Cancun?

5 Best Five Star Luxury Resorts in Cancun

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun. This classic-style, 365-room luxury hotel is situated in Cancun's Hotel Zone, across from a pristine beach and turquoise Caribbean waters.
  • Le Blanc Spa and Resort.
  • Nizuc Resort & Spa.
  • Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres.
  • TRS Coral Hotel.

How many days are enough for Cancún?

Many people vary on the time, but a minimum of 3-5 days is a good start if you want to cover Cancun's most important stops. If you want to experience all that Cancun has to offer, tourists recommend7-10 dias.

What is the best month to visit Cancun?

The best time to visit Cancun is fromdecember to aprilduring high season. Even though the crowds are heavier, you'll experience near-perfect weather and find some of the cheapest flight and room rates for a winter beach getaway.

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Can you leave the resort in Cancun?

Of course it's safe. I would not want to go to Cancun and stay at the resortfor 3 weeks 24 hours a day. It's good to walk around the malls, do tours and activities. It's a wonderful place to visit.

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Which month is the cheapest to go to Cancun?

Seasonal Prices
Cancun's peak season runs from late November through the first week of March, according to Fodor's. Prices peak from mid-December to mid-January. The cheapest time to visit is frommay to november– mainly September and October, the two rainiest months.

Is it better to stay in Cancun or Isla Mujeres?

If you want everything planned in one place with lots of fun activities, Cancún is the place to be. If you are looking for more serenity without the crowds,Isla Mujeres or Isla Holboxmakes a better destination.

Is all-inclusive really worth it?

If you have a specific budget for your vacation, or would like to know most of the costs beforehand, then aall inclusive worth booking. You'll have no stress when it comes to budgeting, as almost all your costs are included in the price - unless you want to treat yourself or bring gifts for the family.

Is Tulum better than Cancun?

Cancun is our destination of choice, butTulum is also worth visiting. If you're looking for comfort, great nightlife, an abundance of activities and an affordable place to be, then Cancun is the destination for you.

How much does it cost from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone?

Taxi Rates at Cancun Airport

Destiny On-line de Distance - Time
Cancun Hotel Zone $ 24,85+ 28 km – 30+ min
Downtown Cancun $ 24,43 + 17 km – 25+ min
Puerto Juarez $ 24,64 + 20 km – 27+ min
Puerto Morelos $ 32,68 + 26 km – 28+ min
Should you stay in the Hotel Zone in Cancun? - 2023 (1)

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Should you stay in the Hotel Zone in Cancun? - 2023? ›

Despite what you may have heard, Cancun is a relatively safe place for solo female travelers. However, you should exercise caution and common sense like in any tourist destination. Consider staying in the hotel zone and avoid wandering alone at night.

Is it worth going to Hotel Zone Cancun? ›

The hotel zone in Cancun is a favorite for tourists for many reasons. You have white, sandy beaches on the Caribbean sea, luxury all-inclusive hotels and resorts, turquoise waters, and bustling nightlife. The Cancun hotel zone is a place to take a vacation without worrying about traveling or leaving the venue.

Is it safe to travel to Cancun right now 2023? ›

U.S. citizens should exercise increased caution in the downtown areas of popular spring break locations including Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum, especially after dark. Drugs: Drug possession and use, including medical marijuana, is illegal in Mexico and may result in a lengthy jail sentence.

Can you walk around the Hotel Zone in Cancun? ›

Cancun is relatively easy to navigate and get around, as many of the best attractions and sightseeing spots are located in the Hotel Zone. The Hotel Zone is the main tourist area of Cancun and is very walkable. Aside from that, there are tons of taxis available and great public transportation options like the bus.

What is the safest time of year Cancun? ›

The humidity is close to 100%, and the atmosphere is heavy and oppressive. The best time to visit Cancun is from December to March, the least humid months of the year (65% on average). The air is damp but comfortable enough. April, May, October, and November are acceptable.

Does cartel run Cancun? ›

Authorities have identified four drug cartels operating in the greater Cancún region: the Sinaloa Cartel, the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG for its acronym in Spanish), the Gulf Cartel and a smaller organization known as Grupo Regional, a cartel formed of former Zetas cartel members and local street gangs.

How much should a taxi cost from Cancun airport to Hotel Zone? ›

Cancun Airport Taxi Rates
DestinationOnline FromRegular Fare
Cancun Hotel Zone$24.85+$45.00+
Cancun Downtown$24.43+$45.00+
Puerto Juarez$24.64+$45.00+
Puerto Morelos$32.68+$45.00+
6 more rows

When should I avoid traveling to Cancun? ›

Avoid visiting during Christmas, New Year's, and especially Spring Break as these are the most hectic travel periods for Cancun. If possible, avoid Mexico's hurricane season, which stretches from late-July to late-October.

Where not to stay in Cancun? ›

What areas should you avoid in Cancun? Avoid all areas at night apart from the Zona Hotelera – this one is fairly safe. During the day, stay away from non-touristy areas or get a local guide to show you around.

Is there a bad time of year to go to Cancun? ›

The worst time to visit Cancun is during the Caribbean hurricane season from June through November. It hits Cancun especially hard in September and October. What is this? Average rainfall spikes in June, drops back down in July and August, then goes up to more than eight inches in September and October.

Can you swim in Cancun Hotel Zone? ›

Playa Las Perlas (Beach of Pearls)

of the "Hotel zone". This Cancun beach is safe for swimming. Blue Flag rated, the protected waters of this small public beach make it popular with locals. If you're not staying at one of the nearby resorts, it may be difficult to access public facilities and water-sports equipment.

Is there a shuttle in Cancun Hotel Zone? ›

Cancun Hotel Zone Shuttle Service

The Shuttle service from Cancun Airport to Cancun Hotel Zone is available from 10:00 to 18:00. This service can take you to Cancun Hotel Zone by sharing a van with travelers going in the same direction.

How far is Cancun Hotel Zone from airport? ›

The Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone distance is 14.3 miles (23 km). You can make the journey from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone of Cancun by taxi or by bus.

How many days in Cancun is enough? ›

Three to five days is the sweet spot to experience most of Cancun's best sights. We recommend splitting your days based on key highlights. Dedicate one to two days to the main attractions, including Cancun's best beaches, and spend the rest of the time exploring the area's lesser-known sights.

What is the cheapest month to stay in Cancun? ›

Cheapest. Prices for Cancun hotels tend to be lowest from around May to June, and again from September to October. This is because the temperature, rainfall, and humidity are all peaking, and tourists are less inclined to visit.

What month is best for Cancun vacation? ›

The best time to visit Cancún is from December to April during the peak season. Even though the crowds are heavier, you'll experience near-perfect weather and find some of the cheapest flight and room rates for a winter getaway at the beach.

Do cartels target tourists? ›

Still, experts agree tourists are not the preferred target. “Most tourists will never meet the cartels. In other words, violence is often generic. The violence tourists face is much more local,” Hope said.

Is Cancún safe from cartels 2023? ›

TRAVEL ADVICE: IS CANCUN SAFE? If you're thinking about a vacation and wondering, “Is Cancun Safe?” … the short answer is: the Yucatán Peninsula, including Cancun, Tulum, and the Riviera, is the safest area of Mexico in 2023, according to the US State Department.

Where do the cartels hang out in Mexico? ›

They are all Mexico's most infamous narcotraffickers. And they all have made Culiacan, Sinaloa's state capital, their hometown. These drug lords live in luxury homes in the hills of Culiacan-- a city of 600,000 which seems prosperous and modern compared to the rural villages that dominate Sinaloa.

Is Uber available in Cancun? ›

Reserve a ride with Uber in advance in Cancun

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Cancun. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

How much is shuttle from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone? ›

The most popular way of transportation is the ADO bus,Taxi from Cancun airport to Hotel Zone, and Private Transportation from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone. On Average, transportation rates to Cancun Hotel Zone start on $64.00 USD with Cancun Airport Transportation Inc, but prices may vary depending on the season.

Do Mexican taxis take US dollars? ›

Do taxis in Mexico take US dollars? Most taxis in Mexico City will accept payment in USD, but not all. It's worth asking before you begin your journey and keeping change in Mexican Pesos with you when at all possible.

What day of the week is best to fly to Cancun? ›

there is no magic day of the week to book flights.

Other times, it may be a Sunday night or a Tuesday morning. We've seen great deals to Cancun pop up any day of the week, which means the best day to book flights is simply whenever you find a cheap flight deal.

What month is the hottest in Cancun? ›

June is the hottest month in Cancun, and average temperatures hover around 82F during early summer.

What do I need to do before going to Cancun Mexico? ›

What Do I Need to Travel to Cancun?
  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of entry.
  2. FMM Mexico Tourist Card (if arriving by land)
  3. Visa for Mexico (when applicable)
  4. Return flight ticket.
  5. Documentation proving the purpose of the visit (such as hotel reservation)
  6. Proof of sufficient funds.

What not to eat in Cancun? ›

Avoid raw seafood, undercooked eggs, and any meat that is not completely cooked. If you want to eat fish, order it cooked, or try ceviche, which is a “raw” fish dish that utilizes citric acid to kill bacteria (it's delicious!)

What is the safest way to travel in Cancun? ›

15 Safety Tips for Cancun
  1. Be aware of common scams so you can avoid them.
  2. Always be alert when using ATMs. ...
  3. Leave important documents safely stashed at your hotel.
  4. Avoid walking alone at night, especially around unpopulated areas.
  5. Keep cash to a minimum.
  6. Practice some Spanish phrases, like asking for directions or help.
Feb 22, 2023

What are the closest ruins to the Hotel Zone in Cancun? ›

El Meco. Just 30 minutes north of Cancun's main hotel zone, El Meco was once a thriving Mayan fishing village and port city, situated just across the water from Isla Mujeres.

Is it safe to stay in Cancun right now? ›

Cancun is a safe destination to visit with friendly residents and a low crime rate compared to other Mexican cities. While most visitors have no problems, there are a few dangerous places near Cancun.

What time of year is the seaweed bad in Mexico? ›

Generally the worst months for seaweed are July and August. Does Tulum have a seaweed problem? Tulum, Mexico has a history of receiving influxes of sargassum seaweed during seaweed season. Seaweed season is generally between May and October.

What does hotel zone in Cancun mean? ›

4.7. (127) Cancun Hotel Zone is also known as 'Zona Hotelera' or 'Tourist Zone. ' It is a narrow 22.5 Kms (14 Miles) long island where tourists spend most of their time during their Cancun holiday.

What part of Cancun has the clearest water? ›

Where Is The Clearest Water In Cancun? Cancun is known to have the bluest and clearest water of the Riviera Maya. You will find the bluest water in the hotel zone in Cancun, especially along the main stretch of the 15 km long beach and around the Northern tip.

How much is it from Cancun to Hotel Zone? ›

On average, a taxi from Cancun International Airport to the Cancun Hotel Zone costs about $55 USD. Alternatively, you can pre-book a private shuttle transfer with Cancun Airport Transportation from $39 USD one-way.

How much is a taxi from the Hotel Zone to downtown Cancun? ›

Taxis in Cancun don't offer taxi-metered trips or official set rates. Although there are rates put in place by the Syndicate based on zones, most drivers make their own rates. You can haggle to improve your fare but expect to pay around $5 (MXN 100) in the Hotel Zone and €2.70 (MXN 50) for a trip in the downtown area.

Is taxi from Cancun airport to Hotel Zone safe? ›

Getting a taxi from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone is not safe and is not like other cities, it is illegal to simply hail a taxi at the Cancun airport and ride sharing apps like Uber are not permitted.

How much is Uber from Cancun airport to hotel? ›

Rates to nearby destinations are as follows: Cancun Hotel Zone: $15 USD one way. Playa del Carmen: $29 USD one way. Tulum: $37 USD one way.

Do I need pesos in Cancun? ›

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY YES, you need Mexican Pesos. You will need pesos for tips, souvenirs shopping, transportation like taxi/buses, tours, bar/restaurants, etc.

Is 2 hours enough at Cancun Airport? ›

Passengers must arrive at least 2 hours prior for any international flight. All carry-on bags are being subjected to security screenings. All passengers regardless of age (including minors and unaccompanied minors) may be subject to additional screening if selected at random or if circumstances warrant.

How far out should I book a flight to Cancun? ›

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Cancun. Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December.

Is the water in Cancun Hotel Zone Safe? ›

Can you drink the water at Cancun resorts? No, it's typically not safe to drink the water at resorts in Mexico and you should stick to bottled or purified water when visiting. While some larger resorts might have a water filtration system in place, this is not the norm.

Is it safe to walk in Cancun hotel zone at night? ›

Is Cancun safe to walk in at night? If you're in the Hotel Zone or Isla Mujeres, you can easily walk around at night. However, stick to crowded places and, if you want to enjoy the beach at night, go to the beach that's right in front of your hotel; make sure that there's hotel security present.

Where is the safe zone in Cancun? ›

Stick to well-populated locations like downtown Cancun and the hotel zone unless traveling with an approved tour or informed locals. The hotel zone is the safest area of Cancun.

Can I brush my teeth with tap water in Cancun? ›

Although there will be some bacteria in the water from the tap it is fine to brush your teeth with, even if you are at a place where you can't drink the tap water.

Does Uber work in Cancun? ›

Reserve a ride with Uber in advance in Cancun

Complete your plans today by reserving a ride with Uber in Cancun. Request a ride up to 30 days in advance, at any time and on any day of the year.

How many days is enough for Cancun? ›

Three to five days is the sweet spot to experience most of Cancun's best sights. We recommend splitting your days based on key highlights. Dedicate one to two days to the main attractions, including Cancun's best beaches, and spend the rest of the time exploring the area's lesser-known sights.

What does Hotel Zone in Cancun mean? ›

It is because the Hotel Zone is what is also known as the tourist zone. Many vacationers that visit Mexico stay in the Hotel Zone and never leave its borders because it is densely populated with nearly 100 hotels, shopping malls, beaches, and restaurants. It is a six miles strip of shopping, eating, and vacationing.

Do taxis in Cancun take US dollars? ›

Taxi drivers will accept dollars, though at a less favorable rate than pesos. Within the downtown area, the cost is about 25 pesos per cab ride (not per person); within any other zone, it's 70 to 110 pesos. It'll cost about 180 pesos to travel between the Hotel Zone and downtown.


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